Audience comments on QUORUM

The opening night of QUORUM performed by Theatre Gigante last night was precisely the remedy I needed to wash away the intense “yuck” of yesterday’s news cycle. Mark Anderson’s script should be produced all over the country, stat.  A big thanks to the cast for a night of comedic therapy.
Recommended with delighted enthusiasm.
ML Cogar

TIMELY STUFF!  Very entertaining, thought provoking, and a little dark. Apropos of the political season, but WAY funnier and saner. I enjoyed it greatly. Check it out!
David Flores

Still pondering … It was a MOST interesting experience — funny, poignant, sad, almost believable.

Group dynamic writ large in this clever, quirky, funny, very entertaining and well-acted production of QUORUM by Theatre Gigante. What’s not to love about this playwright and cast?? Don’t miss it!
Margaret Casey

Timely, funny, and extremely well done.
Tom Reed

What makes the play so much fun was that it takes away from what we’re hearing every day but brings the significance of the modern political scene (and actually, any kind of group/community endeavor) home by paring it to its essence. And, at its essence, it seemed very much a play about how we treat other human beings. The appreciative audience was laughing on the outside….but we shook our heads ruefully on the inside at the seven characters’ quirks and vulnerabilities. Such insight. SEE IT!
Donna Tanzer

It is a brilliant play that deals with universal human relationships, funny, thoughtful and beautifully acted. The venue, Plymouth Church, is very nice, as well.  I guarantee you won’t regret it. 

Still smiling after attending QUORUM last night! Playwright Mark Anderson captures the inanity, humor and posturing of modern politics with deft wit and cutting insight.
Anne Landre