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“the kind of work nobody else in Milwaukee does”

The company does the kind of work nobody else in Milwaukee does…the kind of unique approach that makes them such a vital and valued member of the world of theater in Milwaukee.

“material this good and delivered this well”

… a stirring defense of poesy and of collaborative artistic productions, which join artist and audience and transform every monologue into a conversation – of the sort that material this good and delivered this well is bound to sustain, long after the lights come down and we walk back out into the night, no longer alone.

“one of the best things staged all season”

Given that it’s covering birth, death and everything in between, it feels as though Theatre Gigante really is putting everything onstage . . . an entire, self-contained reality onstage for roughly one hour’s time … one of the best things to get staged all season.

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NOSFERATU w/ Little Bang Theory
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Theatre Gigante is a Nonprofit Organization, and as such receives funds from
Sound Check 4 Arts;  State of Wisconsin Department of Administration
Covid-19 COG Program; United Performing Arts Fund; Milwaukee County CAMPAC;  the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts, and Theatre Gigante Private Donors.