Great reviews for TERMINUS

Theatre Gigante’s production of TERMINUS opened last weekend and earned great reviews from Paul Kosidowski (Milwaukee Magazine’s Culture Club) and Russ Bickerstaff (Shepherd Express).
Terminus is composed entirely of monologues—three characters stand and deliver, recounting individual dark nights of the soul that eventually come together in a unifying climax that’s both gruesome and exquisitely beautiful.
And like the dramas of old, they speak in verse—not exactly poetic couplets, but a kind of hip-hop inspired language of charged rhythm and frequent rhyme that’s musically charged and vividly descriptive.
It’s all told, not shown. But told by actors who capture the wonderful music in [Mark] O’Rowe’s visceral language.

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The profoundly human drama of supernatural fantasy horror is rarely explored on the live stage. Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus is executed so brilliantly that it makes one wonder why. The stories of a serial murderer, a mother, a girl and her guardian demon resonate through three beautifully lyrical rotating monologues that dance elegantly across the imagination. Running through May 16, Theatre Gigante’s production smartly summons three intertwined stories to an intimate, emotionally vivid studio theater environment.

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TERMINUS runs Fridays and Saturdays until May 16. Shows begin at 7:30 p.m. (due to the nature of the show, there willl be no late seating.)

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