O.O.T. reviews

waitin' for something that they feel is comin'


“one of the best things to get staged all season”

Shepherd Express critic Russ Bickerstaff

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Third Coast Digest reviewer Jennifer Reinke wrote:
O.O.T. examined life in its entirety – from birth to death. Modern anxiety was manifest on stage through the drama’s deep, honest vignettes in which people struggled to make decisions, pacify regret, understand the universe, and live with one another and themselves…. Throughout the performance, the balance between deep introspection and humor, the empathy evoked by the characters, the actors’ delivery and the nuanced, coherent vignettes were captivating.

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We have three more shows, Thursday May 17 at 7:30, and Friday-Saturday May 18-19, at 8pm.
For tickets, call the UWM Box office, at 414-229-4308
or online, at arts.uwm.edu/tickets