The Great Musicians: Leslie Fitzwater


photo from Theatre Gigante’s PIAF (scenery by Schomer Lichtner)

video link:
La Vie en Rose, sung by Leslie Fitwater
accompanied by Paula Foley Tillen (piano), and Tom Kanack (accordion)

Milwaukee’s sweetheart performer, Leslie Fitzwater, has performed with Theatre Gigante umpteen times.  Leslie’s career spans opera, theater, Music Theater, cabaret, and mime, and her roles have been as diverse as Paddington Bear and Carmen.  While she has played her share of well-known characters, she is best known for her portrayal of the French chanteuse, Edith Piaf, in her one woman show, Edith Piaf Onstage. Leslie is a private voice and acting coach, has given seminars on vocal production for the young singer, has taught Voice and Speech at First Stage Theatre Academy, and has been an adjunct voice faculty member at Pius XI High School since 2007. 
One of Gigante’s favorite partners in crime, here is a list of Gigante shows in which Leslie has performed:

MDT Meets Mozart (1989)
A Soldier’s Tale (1991)
5th Anniversary (1992)
It’s A Wonderful Life (1996-1998)
10th Anniversary (1998)
It’s A Wonderful Life (2002)
PIAF (2003)
Fair & Balanced (2004)
Peter & the Wolf & the One Man Band (2005-ongoing)
The Beggar’s Opera (2009)
The Lears (2010)
Screwball Love (2014)
Woyzeck (2016)
Quorum (2016)
Enemy of the People (2019)
The Beggar’s Opera (2019)