The Great Musicians: Borut Kržišnik


Love Song No2

used in Gigante’s METAMORPHOSIS, adapted/written/choreographed by Isabelle Kralj, inspired by Franz Kafka’s story, with music by Borut Kržišnik.

Love Song No1
an excerpt taken from the album A LIFE IN SUITCASES (Claudio Records, 2012), and Borut’s score for Peter Greenaway’s TULSE LUPER SUITCASES films and projects.

Borut Kržišnik is a Slovenian composer of contemporary music, based in Ljubljana.  He graduated in Psychology from the University of Ljubljana but devoted himself to music. Borut has a diverse, wide-ranging approach to music and he integrates live playing and music software on a computer platform, breaking free from the confines of specific methodologies. Intensity, diversity and exciting changes are the main characteristics of his music. Avant-garde or popular, underground or academic, tonality or atonality, these are the extremes between which he moves easily. Using a polyglot musical language, the composer weaves a thread through all these contrasts and introduces them to us with inspiring optimism.

We are always thrilled to have the honor of working with Borut’s music. It is exciting and inspiring and so often “just perfect” for the work!

Gigante productions:
Metamorphosis (2018)

I Still Don’t Know (2005)  work by Isabelle Kralj performed in Slovenia
I Still Don’t Know (2008)  appeared in Janet Lilly’s “Have A Seat” show in Milwaukee

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