The Great Musicians: Andy Kirshner


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Museum of Life and Death (excerpt)
written, composed and directed by Andy Kirshner
performed by Mark Anderson & Isabelle Kralj
choreography and movement direction by Isabelle Kralj
vocal performance and video by Andy Kirshner

Andy Kirshner is an American composer, performer, writer, and media artist, and is an assistant professor at the University of Michigan, from where he also holds a doctorate in music composition.  Kirshner’s music-theater works include The Museum of Life and Death, a science fiction “interdisciplinary theater work” based on the medieval morality play Everyman, which he created and presented in collaboration with Theatre Gigante in 2006.  Other theatre works include An Evening with Tony Amore for jazz voice and orchestra based on the persona of Frank Sinatra, Who It Is, a one-man musical about race and nationalism; the opera-oratorio The Watchtower inspired by apocalyptic TV newscasts and the Book of Isaiah;  Dr. Nathan Feelgood In Person, an operetta for 10-piece blues band and a singing psychiatrist; and a cold-war musical for children.  Kirshner has also directed multiple films, including his 2016 feature debut, the musical-comedy Liberty’s Secret, which Kirshner describes as “a traditional movie-musical – with a lesbian-political twist.”  Andy lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Theatre Gigante feels fortunate to count Andy as a friend and collaborating artist!  He has presented and performed with Gigante on three different occasions.

Gigante productions:

Between You and Me (2000) performed an excerpt from his full-length work Who It Is
Dead Poet’s Theatre (2002) performed another excerpt from Who It Is

Co-produced by Andy Kirshner, University of Michigan and Theatre Gigante:
Museum of Life and Death (2006)
write, composed, designed media art, directed

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