Fundraising for the 32nd Season

June 5, 2019

Dear Gigante Friend!

We are very excited to announce that Theatre Gigante is ready to forge into its 32nd Season, and we have some first-rate, fabulous productions planned for you, which will be announced very soon!

But first, we need your help.

Why do we need your help?

  • Because Wisconsin is 48th in government funding of the arts, giving $0.13 per capita, while our neighbor Minnesota gives $6.35 per capita!
  • Because last year, for instance, 15% of our budget was covered by ticket sales, 20% by outreach programming, 10% from government funding, 3% from UPAF — and the rest came from the generosity of our donors;
  • And because we have some kick-ass productions planned for next year that need your support!

Theatre Gigante has always operated in the black – throughout all of its 32 years!  It has proven itself to be fiscally responsible.  It has also proven itself to be innovative in producing countless, critically acclaimed productions on quite low budgets.

BUT, it is getting to be more and more financially challenging.  Prices are going up across the board, and in order for us to continue producing high-quality and thought-provoking productions, we need to grow our budget.  Theatre Gigante’s goal is to double its budget over the next three years – and there is no better place to start than with you; it is you who make it all possible, in the first place, by generously contributing to the company and by attending Gigante shows!

We thank you for that, and respectfully ask you to contribute once again…and to perhaps consider increasing your contribution.  We, in turn, pledge to you that Theatre Gigante will continue presenting original and innovative theatre, hiring local artists, designers, composers, and technical staff, while also introducing established national and international artists and productions that would otherwise not be seen in Milwaukee.

Together we can continue bringing meaty, stimulating, and intriguing theatre to the stage!

Thank you for your time and consideration, and for all your generosity and kind support!

Isabelle Kralj                                                                 Mark Anderson