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funny, serious…and oh so silly!

In 1882, Henrik Ibsen wrote to his publisher, “I am still uncertain as to
whether I should call 
An Enemy of the People a comedy or a straight drama. It may have many traits of comedy, but it also is based on a serious idea.”

That just about sums up Gigante’s romp!

Come join the fun!


Performers Hannah Klapperich-Mueller, David Flores, Katie Gesell, Ron Scot Fry, Ben Yela – and Artistic Director Isabelle Kralj.

Rehearsing “Enemy”

Theatre Gigante’s ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE features six songs written and composed by Jason Powell, including “Not A Hero” sung by the cast and accompanied on guitar by Ben Yela, which you can watch by following this link.

for information on the show, click here

inspired by Henrik Ibsen

adapted, created, directed by Isabelle Kralj
text written by Isabelle Kralj Mark Andersonmusic written by Jason Powell and Frank Pahl & others

lighting and set design by Alan Piotrowicz

costumes by Marion Clendenen-Acosta

Performed by
Emmitt Morgans   David Flores   Ben Yela
Leslie Fitzwater   Ron Scot Fry
Hannah Klapperich-Mueller   Katie Gesell

February 8-16, 2019
Kenilworth 508 Theatre

Tickets now on sale

Yes, the Moon, but …

The Super Blood Wolf Moon was great…but nothing compared to the fun we’re having in rehearsals for Theatre Gigante’s ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, February 8-16, 2019,
at Kenilworth 508 Theatre.

Come join the fun!