The audience LOVES Terminus


…possibly one of the best (if not the best) and most inspiring works of theatre I’ve seen in a very long time.

See this play or live with regret!

It was a terrific show! Brilliant actors! Kudos!!

…had to see it again. Hope they extend it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week, so went back for seconds this week.

Actor Tom Reed and actresses Isabelle Kralj and Megan Kaminsky put on an incredible show and displayed intense artistry on that stage! I witnessed great thespians in action! The show is a Must See!

I’ll never stop thinking about this play. It makes me never want to waste another minute of my life…ever.

My mind keeps going back to last night’s performance of TERMINUS… Strikingly vivid supernatural horror drama breathed into the darkness by Isabelle Kralj, Megan Kaminsky and Tom Reed. No sparkly vampires or special effects here. It’s all darkness, shadow and language. And it’s beautiful.

That was an amazing performance. You all rock!

We were immensely riveted this evening by Theatre Gigante’s ghoulishly fabulous production of TERMINUS. It’s a must see for sure. Isabelle and the other two in the cast are amazing, and Mark’s direction is superb.

Thanks for a great evening. So glad you brought this play to us. We spent almost two hours afterwards with our friend discussing it and it will linger always.

TERMINUS was a very mind massaging, totally awesome play!


Final TERMINUS performances
Friday & Saturday May 15 & 16

7:30pm          Kenilworth 508 Theater

1925 E Kenilworth Place, between Prospect & Farwell

Please note, there will be no late seating.


Tickets can be purchased online, at

For more information, click on this.