Great Reviews into 2nd weekend of My Dear Othello

Why you should go…

Paul Kosidowski, “Friday Five” pick
…no one does Shakespeare like Theatre Gigante
…the group’s fearlessly imaginative take on a classic
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Dave Begel, Dave Begel’s Blogs review

I saw the preview performance of “My Dear Othello,” and it was striking how strong this story is when it’s stripped down from all the extras, both people and subplots.
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John Sanford Friedrich, Avant Greensboro review

…this is another example of Greensboro being on the artistic map enough to attract world-stage gems.

…a high-brow performance willing to push boundaries.
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Selena Milewski, Shepherd Express review

My Dear Othello’s greatest strength is its ability to prompt reflection on the nature of jealousy through means stylized enough to avoid blind emotionality. The format perfectly serves objective consideration of a phenomenon that couldn’t be further from objectivity.
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Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review

Theatre Gigante’s ‘Othello’ paints gripping portrait of a doomed marriage.
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Saturday November 1  8pm
Sunday November 2  2pm (pay what you can)
Friday November 7  8pm
Saturday November 8  8pm
Kenilworth Studio 508 Theatre
1925 E Kenilworth
on Milwaukee’s fabulous East Side

Tickets on sale

phone: 1 800 838 3006