THREE OTHER SISTERS in Slovenia, pt.6

Three Other Sisters


After performing in Koper on the Adriatic, the company moved on to Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana.  It was a fantastic evening. Prior to the performance the RTV television crew interviewed Vlado Kreslin and Isabelle, and filmed an excerpt from the piece, which was shown on the cultural news that evening.(scroll to 4:09). The performance was magical, the Mini Teater packed.  In attendance was the US Ambassador, Joseph Mussomeli, his assistant Mateja Jurič, performance artist Ulay (former partner of Marina Abramovič), author Noah Charney, numerous actors and dancers, Simone’s family from Udine, Italy, and friends and family of Isabelle and Mark.  It was truly exciting.  True to Slovenian audiences, the dancers received a warm reception, and took bow after bow after bow.

photos by Andraž Gombač